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How to Post Ads on Craigslist

How to Post Ads on Craigslist

If you are first time here in craigslist, you may not know how busy the site is. It is one of the busiest classified ads posting site in the world and highly celebrated by the business or individual personal. It is famous ad posting site to all because they can use this platform at free of cost.

Today, I am going to write about how to post Ads on Craigslist easily. There are few people who face a big challenge while posting ads on craigslist. But, I believe after reading the whole article, you will get some easy ways to post ads in craigslist. Scroll down…….

Ads posting in craigslist should follow the following three sections gradually:

  1. Content
  2. Category
  3. Posting

Content: Content is called the soul of advertisement. Here, you can express about the products and services to customers. So the content should be informative and to the point so that customers can feel to buy or have the product. Remember, it is content by which you indirectly inspire customer to see the ads you posted in craigslist or wherever it is. Therefore, you should follow the following tips while writing ads’ content.

  • Catchy Title: The title of the content should be attractive so that customer feels interest to click in. If you think to sell something, you should inscribe related descriptions of the quality of the products you are going to sell. Use capital letters in title to give emphasis. You may also some examine phrases and words that easily turn customers’ attraction like: NEED to SELL, WORKS GREAT, BRAND NEW, etc.
  • Add a description: Customers deeply read the description of the product. So you should be wise while writing the description of the products you are going to sell. Don’t use any negative words regarding the products and make sure that your are selling the product for not being its bad quality rather you should say you are changing your apartments or you are upgrading your devices. I have seen many people talking in this way” Oh! I am bored with this product and I don’t like to use this product any more, just want to get rid of this product” Do you think you can sell the products with such description?
  • Insert related images: An image speaks the half story. So, you should attach related images in craigslist ads post. It helps the customers to make understand about the ads. Make sure the images look attractive and clear.
  • Decorate your text: Craigslist allow using basic HTML coding for post. So you can easily make your text bold using any font. You also can make the text colorful to attract the customers. But, be careful while choosing text font and color because it represents your professionalism and taste of choice.

Category: In category section, you should follow the following criteria:

  • Go to Craigslist: When you are in craigslist site then you have to select the city where you are targeting to post the ads in. Craigslist has been separated by cities and regions.
  • Click “Post to classified”: You should click this “Post to classified” button to start posting.
  • Choose a category for the post: Here you need to select a category that best match with your ads: The category including:
  1. job offered
  2. gig offered
  3. resume/job wanted
  4. housing offered
  5. housing wanted
  6. for sale by owner
  7. for sale by dealer
  8. item wanted
  9. service offered
  10. personal/romance (missed connections)
  11. community
  12. event


  • Select a specific category: This time, you need to specify your category. For instance, in Services Offer, you can select from: automotive services, real estate services computer services, beauty services, financial services, and more. Remember that each category has its subcategories to select. Choose the one that best suits your ads. Suppose, you are selling a video game apps, be sure to assign it in the “video gaming” category and not the “toys & games” category. This makes your ad easier to find out. If your ad is suitable for multiple categories, try to get the most appropriate one.




  • Choose a specific posting area: Craigslist main city or region is divided into few subareas. Although your ad will be posted in the main site for the whole area; these subareas will help you to find out the local buyers and sellers.


Posting: Posting is the final stage of all of the mentioned procedure. If you have done all of the above things nicely, you are the very near to a successful ad posting in craigslist. While posting ads, you must know the following things…


  • Add your specific location:Sometimes, you may specify your add location for getting customers trust. This should be done only for some particular products. But, this practice is not mandatory for all products and their categories.


  • Add a flexible price.You have to fill up the price field that will appear while posting selling item ads. In this case, you should be tricky in selecting price. Don’t demand too much or too less, select a flexible price so that customers show a positive reaction to buy the items you posted in. Or you can keep a negotiate option for the customers.


  • Put down a contact email:You need a verified e-mail account in order to create a craigslist post. You should a valid email address because Craigslist will send you a confirmation message which allows you to publish your post.



  • Put your post on the map: Craigslist now offers you an option to insert your post on an interactive and searchable map. This drives the men to see where you offer what.


  • Submit the post: When you have selected your images, you may be told to complete a CAPTCHA in order to prove your humanity. Later on, after a successful CAPTCHA selection, you will get an email from Craigslist. This E-mail contains a link to your post, where you can do editing before publishing it finally. Some sections of Craigslist need verification over the phone before publishing your post in craigslist. This system helps to cut down on automated spam posts in craigslist.


Well, after following the above procedures, you can easily post ads in craigslist. Thank you so much for reading the full content.


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