Using Software in Craigslist may break your Success -
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Using Software in Craigslist may break your Success

Using Software in Craigslist may break your Success

Today, I am writing for the people who are considered craigslist as the best place to promote their services or products to the people but not getting desired success for some mistakes or for some blind believes. I am sure after reading the full article you may identify your problems and can know what should be your next plan.

We all know to get live ads in Craigslist is very challenging. You may post hundreds of ads in different sections, different categories and different cities as well but after posting the ads you may see them ghosted or flagged. Do you know what the reasons are?? In a research, it has been come out that a practice of using software in craigslist ad is one of the main reasons of being flagged and ghosted.

That is why I am going to tell on a bad practice of using software for craigslist ad posting. If you have ever used software for craigslist ad posting, you will have caught the ideas easily.

You know that software has no human sense. It cannot think itself in any updated situation. It works the way it has been programmed. So it does not know to work accordingly with the changed condition. Not only that software needs update now and then and it costs you a lot but back you poor profit.

Besides, Craigslist can easily detect the software activities. No sooner had craigslist detected it than the ads went into spammed, flagged or ghosted box. As a result your objective goes to bin, and you become frustrated. Now you may think what should do, right?? Well, I like to suggest you to take manual ad posting service. Do you think where you will get the service? Yes, we provide manual craigslist ad posting service for couples of years with customers’ full satisfaction. We offer you comparatively cheaper rate than any other service provider in online market. We ensure you 100% live ads guarantee. We basically charge for live ads.

If you want to have our promising manual craigslist ads services please contact with our support team, we will come back within 24 hours to you.

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